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A Window of Opportunity

‘A Window of Opportunity’ tweetstorm by @nck_wrd

— MOST Boomers were born too early to understand how bitcoin can change the world. Their exposure to internet adoption came too late & was limited in time/scope. The youngest cohort of Boomers is now in their mid-50s today.

— MOST of Gen Z (1995) and younger experienced the transformational value of the internet since their childhoods. They have been indoctrinated by the web, and subsequently missed out on seeing life during a shift from a pre-internet world to a post-internet world.

— ALL of Millennials/Generation Y (1980 - 1994) were born in the sweet spot. A perfect window of opportunity. Most are searching for a way to regain some semblance of financial stability after being drowned by student debt, and Boomer policies like Social Security.

— In walks bitcoin. The hardest, soundest money that the world has ever seen. Limited in supply, natively digital, and censorship resistant...A perfect alignment of incentives.

— A perfect alignment of incentives. No wonder this generation has embraced bitcoin full throttle. Time to stack them sats, folks

Nick Ward
Owner & Creative Lead